Robert E. Ultsch


2020 Fall & Winter

6 Months Event Planner





Monday                 August 3                          General Meeting with Corn Roast

& Ham Raffle Prizes

Monday                 August 31                        Wine Tasting @ 7:30 PM


Saturday                Sept.  19                          Post Golf Outing “Beech Creek”


Thursday               Oct    15                           Keeneland

Saturday                Oct    31                           Halloween Party


Friday                    Nov    6                           Veteran  Day Banquet

Sunday                  Nov   10                          Marine’s Birthday Party

Sunday             To Be Announced                Veteran Day Parade – Cheviot

Saturday                Nov  14                           Turkey Raffle


Saturday                Dec     5                           Post Christmas Party

Saturday                Dec   12                           Christmas Basket Delivery

Sunday                  Dec    13                          Children Christmas Party (1 – 3)





Note: Flyers will be coming out for some of these events when confirmed.

There will be changes notification will be in your monthly mailers.